In honor of Back on My Feet Baltimore’s 10th birthday, we are featuring 10 unique stories leading up to the big day. Today, we have a special story from Barry B. Barry is a pretty incredible partner, supporter, and indeed one of our first members and first alumni in our program. Barry has been with us since the beginning and his Q&A reveals that!


  1. Barry – when did you join Back on My Feet? April 2009 as a program member with Team Helping Up Mission
  2. Why keep coming back to Back on My Feet year after year? Amazing and supportive friends! I knew how it was a big part of my recovery and know that it can help others
  3. Tell us about your favorite BoMF event? You’ve been a part of our community for so long! One of my [favorite] stories was preparing for my first marathon. Like many, I had never run a marathon or ever thought I would. I couldn’t visualize running 26.2 consecutive miles…or why I would want to. I was able to accomplish this with the support of all BoMF teammates, but one volunteer runner helped me with. Mike D. ran every training run [with me] and together we ran the course in sections, or quarters, to better grasp the overall length. He made it easier by focusing on 5-6 mile sections than to run the whole 26.2 miles. As we finished one section, we tackled the next. I was able to run it in under 4 hours.
  4. Back on My Feet Baltimore is blowing out the 10 candles on our birthday cake. What would be your birthday wish for us? To be in another 15 cities, to be another 10 years older, and help in the recovery of hundreds of more men and women.
  5. In honor of our birthday, what has been your favorite birthday gift of all time? I think 2 of my favorite gifts were my first son born days before my 22nd birthday and recently my baby sister (52 years old) was released from the hospital on my birthday. She was in Shock Trauma for a week and is doing fine today!

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