COVID-19 disrupted our lives and forced us all to deeply reflect on the importance of a safe home, livable wage and the power of community. For far too many of our members, the “shelter in place” orders only intensified the already existing barriers preventing them from finding jobs and homes. It exacerbates the feelings of isolation and solitude that many who are dealing with addiction or experiencing homelessness already feel daily. As hiring freezes and layoffs mounted, Back on My Feet was there.

Over the course of a weekend in March 2020, we pivoted our program delivery to virtual when possible. We worked with partners to bridge the tech gap for our members and alumni so they could access our virtual circle. Many of our alumni experienced layoffs and furloughs, but again, Back on MY Feet was there. We stayed vigilant and at the forefront of the needs for the current job market. Alumni worked closely with us to find new employment, learn new skills, including how to interview over video, and apply for emergency financial aid grants to keep their housing and their utilities.

Since 2007, Back on My Feet has helped individuals experiencing homelessness through the power of fitness, community support and essential employment and housing resources, providing a space for them to thrive and be healthy — mentally and physically. 2020 was no different, we just added more resources to our toolbox.

Logan, Back on My Feet Member
“COVID-19 caused me to lose my job and I needed to ask for more assistance from Back on My Feet. They were there to help me get another job making great money. I felt as though my life had meaning again. With every challenge that has come up for me, Back on My Feet has been there to say, ‘Let’s try again,’ and I feel invigorated to dust myself off and start over.”
Jerome, Back on My Feet Member
“Through every step and challenge during the pandemic, the Back on My Feet staff has been in my corner to let me know I wasn’t on this island alone. The support given to me from Back on My Feet during quarantine gave me power to propel myself into a better place. I got a job with UPS and I now have the finances and the ability to renew my apartment lease. The growth potential now is phenomenal.”
Eric, Back on My Feet Member
“This road to recovery cannot be walked alone, and since I’ve started, I’ve had to find that out, but with good people in my corner rooting for me it can be done.”
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