Mission & Vision

Back on My Feet combats homelessness through the power of fitness,
community support and essential employment and housing resources.

Our Vision

Back on My Feet seeks to revolutionize the way society approaches homelessness. Our unique model demonstrates that if you first restore confidence, strength and self-esteem, individuals are better equipped to tackle the road ahead. For all in need, we aim to provide: practical training and employment resources for achieving independence; an environment that promotes accountability; and a community that offers compassion and hope.

For all with the capacity to serve – volunteers, donors, community and corporate partners – we seek to engage you in the profound experience of empowering individuals to achieve what once seemed impossible through the seemingly simple act of putting one foot in front of the other.

Our Program

Operating in 16 major cities coast-to-coast, Back on My Feet uses the power of fitness and community to motivate and support individuals every step of the way from homelessness to independence. Our success is measured by positive impacts on physical and mental health, as well as the number of individuals who obtain education, employment, and housing.

How We Operate

Our National Leadership team manages the local city affiliates, providing overall strategic direction, program, marketing and operational guidelines, which allow local teams to focus on delivering their local programming, meeting their local financial and programmatic goals and building local relationships. This business model seeks to build a consistent and successful program, brand and experience in each city as well as benefiting from shared services and economies of scale. Back on My Feet has one National Board of Directors, which is the legal governing body of Back on My Feet.

Back on My Feet was originally founded in Philadelphia in 2007, and it has remained a privately funded organization. For more information on our financials, visit here.