Are you thinking about participating in the Indy Mini this year? Maybe it’s your first Indy Mini experience, or maybe this year will be your 10th Indy Mini. Why not consider adding meaning to your race through FundRacing with Back on My Feet. This Spring, we want to offer you a meaningful experience by making an impact in the lives of our members…

Your Time is Now

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Fundracing Commitment
Half-Marathon – $750
5K – $350

Indy Mini Fundracing Benefits Include:

The Need More Convincing?

Check out what some of our past fundracers have to share about their fundracing experiences.

Why Did You Decide To Fundrace For BoMF?

What Was The Best/Most Enjoyable Part Of Your Training/Racing/Fundracing Experience?

Any Advice Or Tips For Individuals Who Are Considering Fundracing For BoMF?

Interested in running another event or race this spring but would still like to fundrace? Let us know – We can help. Reach out to  LIZ today.