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No personal record or goal I set stands a chance because Back on My Feet has shown me how to keep pushing forward and finish strong — on the road, and in life.


Back on My Feet Member

What did people say about Back on My Feet in 2019?

The nonprofit is currently in talks with at least one major foundation to expand into 30 cities by 2023 (a $5 million proposal), [Katy]Sherratt said. Back on My Feet also has a four-year strategic plan to open chapters in another five cities without some form of investment.
CEO Katy Sherratt joins Lance Armstrong to talk about their mission and how they get homeless folks into running. They are joined by Shawn Livingston to talk about his success with the program.
What makes Back on My Feet different from other care agencies is not the wraparound services provided by the staff, but the committed relationships deepened through physical exercise and sweat equity.
Each run starts at 5:45 a.m. and starts with a hug. Once you’ve made the commitment to run three days a week for 30 days you get access to the next step, which includes tips on how to get a job, managing money, wellness tips and much more.
Harris has experienced spates of homelessness and fought the demons of drug addiction on and off for 20 years, he told The Post. But while getting straight in 2014, he began running and competed in the marathon one year later. Training became a key part of his recovery, he said.
On Giving Tuesday, Hoka One One has announced a $30,000 donation to Back on My Feet, a nonprofit that helps combat homelessness. The grant will directly support members of the organization who are either living without a home or in addiction or treatment facilities