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When you get up in the morning, you have people waiting for you. You have that support and love that you need. The reason I kept coming out is friendship. Now I meet friends outside the program. It’s unconditional friendship and the first community like this I’ve ever had.


Back on My Feet Member

 Our Members Create Their Own Success

Laverne got her degree.

Laverne first came to Back on My Feet in 2007. At that time, we helped her move out of a homeless shelter, find
a sustainable job and reunite with her family. But her involvement with Back on My Feet didn’t end there.

After all this time she has remained an active part in our community, walking with volunteers and new members and attending Back on My Feet alumni events and workshops.

Even losing her job could not dampen Laverne’s unstoppable spirit. She went back to school and graduated this fall with a Certificate in Medical Billing and Coding, all with Back on My Feet in her corner every step of the way.

“Being in a shelter was hard — I was sad and depressed, but Back on My Feet brought me so much joy. It was incredible to know somebody was there to talk to me, to help me, to cheer me on — the community really wanted me to succeed. Back on My Feet gave me reasons to be proud of myself — something I’d never felt before.”

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Angie reunited with her family.

At the center of Angie’s world are her children — Jennifer, Mark and Nathaniel.

But it has been a hard few years. One of her children has special needs, requiring significant medical care that comes at
a high cost. Things became even harder after Angie lost her job. With no family to help, Angie was forced to give up her home and enter a shelter. There she found Back on My Feet.

With Back on My Feet behind her, Angie got the support she needed to tackle the road ahead. She obtained a professional certification to advance her career prospects and found a new job and housing. Most importantly, she was able to reunite with her children.

“Back on My Feet has given me a second chance at success — a chance to do better. I’m finally part of a community. I would still be lost without Back on My Feet’s support, guidance and love.”